Take 1 easy Health Step each day

I get excited as we find new super healthy formulas and nutrition mixes, do you? Especially when you see someone get back that 'healthy glow' and sparkle in their eyes.

Here are my favorite top ones right now, and where you can get them for you and your family. I believe they are truely life changing for both you and your family. Try them!

Your body needs 'parts' to keep all your parts in good shape, that makes common sense; it also needs them to run all the small engines that keep you healthy, such as your immune system, digestion system, and repair engines (and to keep your face and skin young).  In our present day society, we need both wisdom and some good effort to stay in good health! Not just the major food groups, but learn the wisdom of making sure your body has all the nutrients it needs to stay feeling strong and looking as young as you can. The major parts I believe we need to concentrate on are Vitamins, Minerals, enzymes, and 'Super Oils'. Here are my present favorites, just click on any of the blue links to see more about them. These are the best I can find, and I will try to update this site when I find more wonderful products available. I know there are other great products out there, but these I have tested and can be very confident of.

These 6 are tremendously more healthy for you than I can easily describe, but if you take my word for it, you are really trusting the knowledge I gathered from the wonderful doctors and research PhD's that I learn from.  For many years now I usually spend 2 - 6 hours every day finding out what great research has just lately been accomplished on health issues, and making notes on what really works well without causing unfortunate side effects.  Please email me with your exciting stories of energy gains, more clear thinking, or healthy and gentle weight loss !

1. A Terrific multivitamin, 'Live' with the natural  vitamin structures. Experts say do not use synthetic multi's. I use 1/2 or 1 extra scoop of this on days when I need more brain focus and energy. My favorite juices to put it into is 'Pomegranite Blueberry' or regular OJ. Please email me and let me know how much energy it gives you ! Try not to take it after 6 pm if you go to sleep early. It has a natural energy, and improves my calmness, memory and mood - it is not a stimulant

When you need an ID number to order at JoyLifeUSA.com, please use my ID303421 so that I get the credit for referring you to this great company! 


The "Revive" vitamin that you will also see is for extra energy and seems to help with mental alertness also. I take 1 or 2 of these capsules on days when I don't quite feel like getting much accomplished, and then after just about 20 minutes, I feel encouraged and happy to get hard tasks completed !  I don't know how it makes me feel happier and encouraged, but I feel safe with Nuriche and I really appreciate the vitamins & herbs in it !

If you scout out the website, you may even find famous football players who use these vitamins to give them a competitive edge over their competition !

Another web site, with another favorite vitamin for Extra Energy is Eviva. The Eviva PhytoCharge powder is what I mix into my chocolate weight loss shake when I need some extra energy for the day. It gives both energy and vitamins, and minerals like Live does, but the Live comes in the convenient daily packet that you can take out with you, this comes only in a month size container so far.

 When you need an ID number to order, please use my ID 26997.


You have to scroll down an inch in the JoyLife information screen that may come up first, or you can click the x at the bottom to go straight to the Eviva Nuriche site. If you don't already have an account, please create one and enjoy the health. The straight login if you already have a Eviva Nuriche account is:


2. We need a Great supply of all essential Minerals and Trace Minerals.  You look wise when you know that enzymes do not work without enough minerals, and enzymes make you physically who you are.  I felt a wonderful and even ecstatic lift to my health with this, but I can't tell you what part of it that was, what it was that I really really needed. That's ok with me - when it comes to healthy nutrition, I believe in the old tried and true 'Shotgun approach'. Take more than all that you need, and then after you are pleased with how healthy you are, then put more time into finding out 'exactly what did what' !

Choose the web page below to order 'Beyond Tangy Tangerine'. When you need a number to enter, please use 100752131

Try clicking on 'Shop Retail Now' or 'Products' on the top of this web page - then to find 'Beyond Tangy Tangerine' go down about 1 or 2 pages, or click 'Youngevity' on the left side of the page:


3. Fresh ground Flax Seed, and Omega 3 fish oil for calmness and brain health. These 2 are tremendously more healthy for you than I can easily describe, but notice carefully for yourself how your brain seems more calm and how healthy you feel all over.

 - Get Flax Seed and my favorite 'Carlson's Orange Flavored' omega 3 fish oil at your local health food store, or if you can't buy it local, try www.Iherb.com. Use my coupon  RES762  to save $5 on your first order, even kids love to chew them !

 - Just type in Flax Seed health, or omega 3 fish oil on an internet search, and you can spend hours researching all the good they do for us.

4. beta glucan.  The best quality I have found, is only at

www.NSC24.com  in Regular, and Extra Strength

5. Take Vit. C  3 -5 times daily, with meals and with snacks. You can get Vit. C anywhere, but if you order from your local Health Food Store or Iherb with that coupon, you will get the best quality for healthier coatings on the tablets.

6. If you are in the Over 40 Club (age group), then taking enzymes can do your health a tremendous amount of good. One of my favorite super teachers says Enzymes are one of her top 5 health "Must Have's". My top 2 favorites are:

(1) Zymes supplies a complete blend of premium plant based active enzymes. It is from the same great Nuriche company as the wonderful 'Live' energy and alertness vitamin.


(2)Doctor's Best,  Proteolytic Enzymes from Iherb.com, with coupon RES762

My best to you, your precious family, and your health !

Mark S. See the wisdom tip on the bottom !